Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 vs. MMOTHS’ Heart

(a.k.a. Heart ft. Professor Snape)

So my boyfriend, Oisín, decided to combine Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 with MMOTHS’ Heart and they work fab together. Then this Dublin club DJ found it and posted it on his Facebook prompting a deluge of likes and causing MMOTHS himself to respond with “Heart ft. Professor Snape.”

Oisín only realised this was happening when a girl he doesn’t know, who happens to be part of this Facebook group we’re both in where people post tunes they like, linked it saying “kudos to whoever envisioned this,” completely unaware that it was the creation of a group member.

It may also be noted that following many drunken encounters with MMOTHS in town wherein Oisín has most likely creeped him out, he is pleased that lest this happen again a legitimate topic of conversation now exists. Oh the Lulz of it all…